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We create winning partnerships….

Adimans and Fortress international is part of the Fordart group. We are industry leaders in apparel sourcing, manufacturing and distribution globally. As a leading exporter of apparels to some of the world’s most iconic brands, our product portfolio includes variety market segmentation. For more than 35 years, the group has delivered quality apparel, manufacturing excellence and sourcing solutions in a diverse range of high-demand markets and has remained innovative in measurable performance, technical expertise and production frameworks. Simply put, we deliver exceptional quality and value...

"If everyone is moving FORWARD together then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

Services of Adimans and Fortress


  • Creative fashion studio
  • Concept realization
  • Design and creative
  • Fabric and Accessories
    • Yarn development &sourcing
    • Fabric development and sourcing
    • Accessories development and sourcing
  • Product development
    • Pattern making facilities
    • Garment grading
    • Sampling
  • Value adding
    • Printing
    • Embroidery
    • Embellishments
    • Washing
  • Factory evaluation and compliance
  • Garment manuvacturing
  • Garment sourcing
  • Logistics International Shipping
  • Quality control and assurance services
  • Solutions provider
  • Merchandising services
  • Solutions provider

Why Us…..

  1. Proven track record of performance
  2. Group operating since 1981
  3. Speed to the market
  4. Timely execution of order
  5. Superior quality standards and performance
  6. Continuous improvement and change management
  7. Socially compliant, ethical and well managed
  8. Good machinery technology setup
  9. Strengthen supply and long-term business partner relationship
  10. Highly skilled, valued and experienced team
  11. Fully equipped product development and sample making facilities
  12. Sourcing of fabrics, accessories and other value additives
  13. Ability to source the products at competitive prices
  14. Own factory and buying services
  15. 30 to 90-day lead-time turnaround

Going beyond

Adimans and its group build a customer business partnership to create a wining spirit. We do not believe in doing just 1 order but building partnership that spans decades. We are fully equipped with innovations and solutions to service our partner’s needs. We believe that in this in industry there are always problems which we turn them to opportunities for improvement and progress.

We have a good pool of highly dedicated, experiences and creative individuals that oversee the design, sourcing, factory coordination, production, information technology, quality engineering as well as logistics

Keep in touch

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Hong Kong Address

13th Floor WahKit Commercial Centre 300 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong

Fiji Address

Lot 1, Vomo Street, Tavakubu Lautoka, Fiji Islands

Australia address

20 Bronzewing Terrace Bella Vista NSW 2153 Australia

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