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Adimans and Fortress is equipped to meet the growing international demand for apparel with the development of best practice methods.  We have streamlined our capabilities for inspired solutions to valued partners in a challenging environment. We employ the latest technology, systems, process, facilities and services.

Regardless of certifications, Fortress performs due diligence and investigation for all factories. Evaluations and supplier review is conducted including the capability, capacity and the attitude to perform. Factory certifications and compliance is monitored annually to ensure adherence to client and global requirements and standards. We manage variety of services including certifications monitoring. Our business partners are certified by either/or BSCI, WRAP, Oeko-tex, GOTs, SEDEX, ISO9001, SA-8000, Accord and Alliance etc.

From designs and creative concepts, we endeavor to bring the artists expression and vision to life. We have a professional team of technical, engineering and development personnel with highly proficient sample room staff at your services. This ensures that a rapid turnaround in product, pattern designing, grading, modification, fitting and sizing development, including sampling. Our product development teams work closely with the customers on specifications, fits including raw materials, washing techniques and value-added technologies, to enhance the products to market.

Our products are developed at pace, innovations explored and competitive advantages realized through creative process in developing a garment with close collaboration with our suppliers and customers who provide quick and flexible solution to meet all requirements.

We are all about seeking solutions….

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

We have an experienced team working in collaboration with all associates to build a strong integrated supplier network partnership. Today there are exhaustive global options, and we search and work with suppliers who understand our requirements, standards and consistency over time. Our team and its suppliers ensure quality, lead-time, innovation, delivery and value for money.

As the clothing style have changed, so has the apparel support value adding industries. Our team will assist buyers in various programs improvements and development which includes, printing, finishing, appliques, embroidery, embellishment, including fabric and accessories enhancements.

We have experienced committed and dedicated merchandisers working closely, with the business partners across the globe. The merchandiser will be coordinating costing, product development, sampling, sourcing, factory progress, planning time and action. Clear, fast and concise standards, systems and specifications allow our team to respond with speed. We have close collaboration with factories and teams to ensure that we execute and provide solutions, a premium product, the highest quality at the best price possible….

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Manufacturing is the core service that we perform on behalf of our valued business partners across the globe. Our manufacturing and management practices are based on lean systems, ensuring minimization of resources used with the objective of becoming responsive to customers’ demands at the lowest valued cost.

Production is through any one of our plants, and or partnership factories.  Fordart and its partners has technology initiatives to meet all international demands and requirements which include specialised equipment, product certification standards, printing, embroidery, washing and finishing.

Coming from the background of manufacturers we have years of experience of factory management and technical support. We provide guide from yarn to finished apparel.

With our global reach and scope of exports, our connections to global destinations are improving daily due to logistical support from major shipping and airlines that have active presence in the market. The garment industry is the largest prominent outperforming sector in the country.

Our logistics management with the partners include materials handling, warehousing, packaging, shipping and even door to door services. Fordart has the team to ensure integration and management to improve the overall operations for business. Our dedicated team coordinate and handle all functions in relations to logistics smoothly.