Career with us

Fordart is an equal opportunity employment provider and we encourage our people to challenge their perceptions in our vibrant and highly competitive environment. We offer one of most advanced training room facilities and provide continuous training and development to build our employee’s skillset to constantly adapt and evolve to the rigorous world of apparel manufacturing.

Performing in a growing industry, the group continues to expand in its operations and to seek dynamic and outstanding individuals of many talents, to join in with our efforts to attain greater success.

Our hardworking and dedicated employees have helped us win prestigious recognition with awards such as, Exporter of the year and various other Business Excellence Awards

To achieve our vision of excellence and a winning team culture, Fordart and its group realizes the value, capacity and performance of its employees that contribute to our success…. We recognise that our people are truly our indispensable and utmost assets. Therefore, apart from our daily operations, we ensure that their health, safety and welfare concerns are met.

If you would like to join our winning team, you are welcomed to apply and register your interests at